Shout-Out to the Dark Days

Shout-out to the days I spend 12 hours on campus. Shout-out to the days that end in achey feet and sore eyes. To the days I see my husband for 9 hours if you count sleeping next to each other. To the days I try to memorize the Latin names of 15 grasses that all look the same. The days when my best isn’t good enough.

Because the days of tears and fears and frustration are sprinkled with miracles and tender mercies. Because the dark days help me value the days a professor tells me I’m a great candidate for graduate school. The days I get to see dogs. The days I earn 100% on an exam. The days I feel close to God. The days anxiety gives way to peace. The days I see my family. The days I spend wrapped up with my honey bunny.

They are only so shiny and bright because of the dark days.

So shout-out to the dark days for all of the light they bring.



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