Utah’s Hogle Zoo – ZooLights

During the month of December, Utah’s Hogle Zoo hosts ZooLights, when the Zoo is filled with millions of lights and holiday treats.

The Zoo’s hours are limited during the seasonal event, opening after dark and closing between 9 and 10 pm, but that is still plenty of time to see the animals (both living and those made out of light bulbs). Admission is also discounted.

Many of the animals aren’t in their outdoor enclosures during ZooLights due to the temperature, so you likely won’t see the elephants, rhinos, or other African Savannah animals on your trip. But some of the animals are more active and playful than you might see during your summer visit! The animals at Rocky Shores Exhibit have  been especially playful during our visits in the last three years. The Harbor Seal and California Sea Lion are really fun, and can be watched from the warmth of a building! And if you see well enough at night, you can often see the resident Grizzly Bears cuddled up and sleeping.

Depending on the day of the week you visit ZooLights (and whether or not the local schools are on break), you can expect crowds similar to those seen at the Zoo during the summer months. We have generally spent between one and two hours walking around and taking pictures with the light displays. The Zoo staff keeps walkways clear, but the Zoo has been closed for inclement weather in the past. You can watch for announcements on their Facebook and Instagram pages.

ZooLights at Utah’s Hogle Zoo

  • December every year
  • Family and date night friendly
  • 1-2 hour activity
  • Admission: $8 per adult, children 2 and under free (discounts available)


Utah’s Hogle Zoo is a member of the Association of Zoos & Aquariums and holds high standards for the treatment and quality of life of its animals. The Zoo is also involved in many conservation programs.


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