The Clark Planetarium 

One of my all-time favorite dates is visiting Salt Lake City for the day, and one of my all-time favorite things to see in SLC is the Clark Planetarium.

The Planetarium has several free exhibits including a Foucault Pendulum that shows the rotation of the Earth, Newton’s Daydream which is a kinetic energy sculpture spanning two stories, and my personal favorite, the Solar System, which talks about each planet in our system (Did you know Neptune was discovered mathematically before it was ever seen through a telescope?). At the planetarium you can also see pieces of meteors, learn about the weather, walk in model scenes of Mars and the moon, and find out how much you would weigh on other planets- all for free!

You can also purchase tickets to see films in the ATK IMAX Theater or the Hansen Dome Theater. If you’ve never seen a film in a dome theater, it is a different experience!  A gift shop full of science-y things like astronaut food and microbe plushies is also hosted by the planetarium.

Located at the Gateway Mall in Salt Lake City, the Clark Planetarium is near other family attractions including the Children’s Museum. There is abundant underground parking available, and a UTA TRAX stop right in front of the building.

The Clark Planetarium

  • Open at 10:30 am, 363 Days a year
  • Family and date night friendly
  • Free Admission, film tickets for an additional cost
  • 1-2 hour activity + showtime

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